Whats so good about Labtech?

Labtech.  RMM tool.  (Remote Monitoring and Management).

What is so great about it?  Well, once you learn it… once you understand it… you can do anything you want with it.

Like what?  Well, you have your normal RMM things like keep track of the computers on the network, what OS, what programs, keeping up with Microsoft patching, installing software, removing software, etc.  Then you have the monitoring – you can monitor just about anything you can think of from registry entries (including installed programs), event logs, pretty much anything you can find in a readable file on the computer, you can monitor and trigger alerts or even emails and text messages on those events.

Then you have scripting.  Some of the things I can accomplish with scripting:

Extract the backup status of a computer from the logs of the backup program and send an email if there is a failure.

Read a file version, compare to an internet site and send an alert if the two are different or off by more than two, etc.

Launch a series of powershell scripts to configure a new windows server, with variables put in when starting the script in Labtech.

With a little creativity, anything you can do via command line or powershell, can be done remotely, in the background, with Labtech.

Yes, that is very cool.

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